Nancy Pollard, LCSW,  LLC  Park City, Utah
Relationship Counseling

Counseling / Psychotherapy

We all have issues stemming from childhood that keep us stuck. Fears or limiting beliefs can block us from our true self and feeling joy in life as well as finding happiness in our relationships. I can help you unravel your past, heal emotional pain, and get you on the road to the life and relationship you want and deserve.

Life Coaching

Business & Life Coaching

As your coach, I will give you clarity and fresh perspective, point you in the right direction, and keep you focused and on track in your personal life and your career. Life is tricky, and it helps to have someone by your side to remind you of the good things, help you navigate the obstacles, and pave the way for business success.

Kolbe Consultant

Kolbe Method

Using the Kolbe Method, I will help you learn why you procrastinate, why you are stressed on the job, and why it feels like you are swimming upstream. I will identify your many natural talents and how to use them to benefit your business and relationships, and work with your team to maximize your company’s potential.