Kolbe & Relationships

Finally!...a crystal ball into why people do what they do.
kolbe method & relationships

Kolbe And Relationship Counseling

Kolbe is the most exciting and fun tool I can bring to you and your relationship!  The Kolbe A™ Index measures your natural talents and instincts, and how you are hardwired. The results give you a world of information that will make you laugh out loud at not only yourself, but your partner!  You will be amazed at the accuracy of describing your habits and the way you tackle a project. Once you find out your M.O. (modus operandi), you will want to know your partner’s, too!

It gives me (and you) the missing pieces and a crystal ball into WHY people DO what they DO. Knowing Kolbe results, arguments are avoided, judgment goes away, and tolerance becomes easy.  It teaches us how to divide and conquer tasks; become synergistic with our partner instead of competitive. Above all, we can laugh and enjoy one another’s differences and similarities.  Communication is greatly enhanced when you know via Kolbe to whom you are speaking.  Do they want all the details or should you cut to the chase and only give the bottom line?

Why are you like you are?  Why do you Do what you Do?  Why aren’t you more like ME!!

I can tell you why you:

  • NEVER read the fine print OR
  • Take forever to make a decision!

I can tell you why you:          

  • Jump from one thing to the next, rarely finishing what you start, OR
  • Must finish everything you start, even if you don’t like it!

I can tell you why you:

  • Say YES before you even know the answer, OR
  • Often miss out because you need more time to decide!

I can tell you why you:

  • Should not go to Home Depot do–it-yourself workshops OR
  • MUST have the best tools, or nothing at all!

What is your MO?  What is your partner’s?  Want to find out?  Call me for your Kolbe-based relationship counseling TODAY!  It is life changing, pragmatic, easy, and - above all – FUN!

Learn how to:

    • Get along better with the one you love
    • Know when to conquer and divide
    • Stop swimming upstream
    • Stop arguing about who is right and who is wrong
    • Become synergistic, not competitive. 

“Knowing Me…Knowing You…What to Do?!”

Once we know your M.O. we can also run a report to tell you HOW to work with your partner. It is called the Kolbe A to A Coaching Report.  This report gives you great insight and explanation, and validation that you are PERFECT exactly as you are.  And so is your partner!  

Learn how to be synergistic.  Gain respect for your differences.  Stop competing and start collaborating.  Become more with your partner, not less.  Become more than you could ever be on your own! ...Let's get started, shall we?