The Kolbe Method

Kolbe helps put people where they will shine, be energized, and be productive.
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What Is The Kolbe Method ?

As a Kolbe Consultant, at the core of my Business and Executive Coaching is the Kolbe Method.  The Kolbe Method is a set of assessments to reveal a person’s instinctual, natural talents and strengths, giving you a complete picture of performance in the workplace and of dynamics and relationships in general.  Using this tool, I am able to uncover the hidden talents of your staff and/or possible mismatches between employees and the roles in which they are placed. In fact, I use Kolbe extensively in business but find it is an excellent tool for all sorts of relationships, business being just one of them.

We are all familiar with personality tests and IQ tests, but Kolbe offers something unique by measuring neither your credentials nor your personality; what Kolbe does is measures how you will show up on the job and DO your work.  It allows you, as a leader, to put people where they will shine, be energized, and be productive.  It optimizes the hiring process as well as increases retention and performance of your workers, all while explaining personnel conflicts and building tolerance, acceptance, and synergy.


The Benefits of Kolbe

The Kolbe Method will positively affect your organization and relationships in every aspect, from productivity and bottom line to cooperation and contentment among your employees. Here are just a few of the many ways Kolbe will benefit your business:

  • Identifies instinctive strengths

  • Aligns talent with appropriate roles

  • Increases self awareness/understanding

  • Validates/empowers employee

  • Improves employee morale

  • Identifies areas of stress/conflict and prescribes solutions

  • Enhances communication

  • Strengthens interpersonal relationships

  • Optimizes strategic allocation of resources

  • Improves overall productivity/efficiency

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What Are the Kolbe Assessments?

There are three distinct tools that the Kolbe Method utilizes:

Kolbe A™ Index: Individual's Instinctive Talents
What would I do if I was free to be myself…?”
The Kolbe A™ is the first tool I use in my business coaching sessions.  Kolbe A™ will bring to light your innate talents and strengths (aka “MO”, or method of operation) and help me discover how and why you do what you do.  From there, we can easily and clearly find what career path or job role is best for you, and why you may be experiencing difficulties in your personal and/or work relationships.  This index brings out the deep nature of who you are, and the results may have you chuckling with recognition of behavior or beliefs you didn’t consciously realize you held all along!

Kolbe B™ Index: Worker's Expectation of Role
The job I have requires me to…
The Kolbe B™ is a subjective role-specific questionnaire that looks at the job itself and what YOU believe is needed from you to enable your success.  It will help you understand your natural skills as they fit in the role, and give insight as to how to complete the tasks at hand.

Kolbe C™ Index: Leader's Expectation of Role
My employer requires…
The Kolbe C™ brings clarity to what your job actually requires from YOUR employers perspective, giving new understanding into his or her expectations and eliminating the miscommunication that so often gets in the way of productivity and success.


When these three results are congruent, productivity rises. When there is discrepancy among these results, companies struggle, experience stress, and lose productivity.  As your business coach, I use the outcomes of all three Kolbe indices to work with both employers and employees to maximize potential and increase both company and individual success. 

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