Implementing Kolbe Method

Increase productivity and clear the road to success with Kolbe.
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Putting Kolbe To Work In Your Business

There are many areas in which I can help you implement the Kolbe Method in your company, whether on an individual or a team level, from leadership development to the hiring of new employees.  Using Kolbe, I give you the tools you need to grow your business and overcome the hurdles that block success.  With the insights gained from these assessments, your entire organization will work together in brand new ways, with increased productivity and respect across all levels.


Human Resources Training

Pre Employment Testing & Screening

Kolbe gives you the tools to find the right candidate from the start, eliminating the frustration and cost that comes with hiring the wrong person.  Having each new applicant take the Kolbe A™ will take the guesswork out of hiring and save you head aches in the long run.

  • Match the right person with the right job

  • Identify an applicant’s true talents

  • Save time and money on hiring (which can cost up to 50% of a new employee’s annual salary)

  • Create well-matched and effective work teams

Employee Evaluations & Reviews

Using the Kolbe Method as part of your employee review and evaluation process streamlines the process and makes it a more constructive and valuable experience for all involved. Both reviewer and reviewed will benefit from the mutual understandings that come from the Kolbe results.

  • Learn where the employee is excelling or falling short and why

  • Find where and why miscommunication may occur

  • Have a solid and impartial tool with which to work

  • Increase understanding of the person and the job itself

  • Validate and empower the employee

Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Even the strongest teams can benefit from Kolbe. Learn how to speak to one another in ways that you can both understand, identify the causes of stress and conflict, and increase productivity while allowing everyone involved to feel good about the process and thrive with the outcome.

  • Enhance interpersonal communication

  • Strengthen work relationships

  • Boost understanding of self and others

  • Empower and validate employees

  • Increase employee morale

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Do you wonder why your employees don’t handle tasks the way you want them to? Using the Kolbe Method as a leadership development tool will bring to light the issues that stem from how you interact with your team to increase productivity while lowering stress on the job.

  • Learn how to lead using your own natural talents

  • Discover ways to maximize your team’s natural talents

  • Reduce overall stress levels

  • Feel energized and renewed in your role as leader

Business Coaching

Using the Kolbe Method, I will work with you and your team to make your company a more profitable and a happier place to work.  The Kolbe A™ will reveal the untapped potential in your employees and remove the blocks that keep your business from being as profitable and productive as it can be.

  • Improves cohesiveness and communication

  • Reveals areas of stress and conflict and ways of resolution

  • Optimizes strategic allocation of resources

  • Increases efficiency and productivity

  • Matches talent to appropriate roles


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