What Is Life Coaching?

“I believe in you …exactly as you are!”
life coaching

Life Purpose

My particular method of life coaching is Empowerment Coaching; a wellness model that is the process of helping, guiding, and unfolding someone’s true nature. I utilize The Kolbe Method to focus on your individual possibilities and potential, helping you to find your purpose and your passion, giving you the confidence to let your true Being ignite. I like to discover who you are at your core, what your talents are, what makes you special. Many of us grow up to become who we think we are supposed be, but when we discover who we truly are and someone validates, supports, and encourages this uniqueness, something magical happens.

Is Life Coaching For You? Ask Yourself:

  • Are you bored?

  • Is something missing in your life?

  • Are you stuck and afraid to change?

  • Do you have a dream and don’t know how to realize it?

  • Do you start a million things and never finish one?

  • Are you ready for the next step?  And don’t know what the next step is?

  • Are you living a life you should, rather than one YOU want?

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

  • Do you want to reinvent yourself to become who you truly are?

Life coaches will ask some reflective questions to get you thinking about what you want from your life, and who you want to be. What would need to happen for your life to truly reflect your heart’s desire? If fear did not stop you, what would you do differently? Where are you now and where do you want to be? And if you loved yourself more, what would you be willing to receive? By working through these questions, you can dive deeper into yourself and get the clarity you need to be motivated toward change.

Life Transitions

Life is made up of ages and stages, passages, next chapters, and change.  It is how we handle the change that determines our quality of life. A personal life coach does exactly what it says – coaches people through life, through change:

  1. College: Just graduated, now what?

  2. Marriage:  How do you hang on to yourself and couple?  How do you have the hard talks about sex and money?

  3. Divorce:  What did you learn? What is your part is in the demise of the marriage? How do you move forward a better person, a better partner?

  4. Parenting:  New parent?  Life will never be the same! Career woman to stay-at-home mom? An adjustment of a lifetime to hang on to yourself and be a great Mom and wife.

  5. Layoffs: Have you discovered the good news about being laid off?

  6. Career: Is your work a chore? Or something you love and get paid for?

  7. Retirement: Love it, or hate it? Learn why and what to do about it.

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