Nancy Pollard, L.C.S.W.

Providing a unique, eclectic, and multi-dimensional approach.
Nancy Pollard

In a comfortable office tucked in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah is the home of my private practice.  Sometimes my clients come in to this office and other times sessions are conducted via Skype or Face Time.  I provide a unique, eclectic, and multi-dimensional approach as a Psychotherapist, Executive / Empowerment / Life Coach, and Certified Kolbe Consultant.  Through our sessions, I am able to determine which approach is best for you to help you accomplish your goals, whether they are success in love or success at work, and find an overall state of emotional health and wellbeing. 

My professional training has taught me how to ascertain what is a therapeutic issue and what is a coaching issue, a distinction crucial to the efficacy of the situation. 

Therapy requires clinical skills to unravel your past, your childhood and family of origin, and observe how this plays into where you are now in life.  

Coaching takes you from where you are now and gets you to where you want to be, allows you to set goals and take accountability, and enables you to develop clarity around how to reach your potential and live your passion.

As a Marriage Counselor and therapist, with over 100,000 hours of one on one time with clients, I can laser cut through the drama and go straight to the core of the matter swiftly and efficiently while not wasting valuable time and money. I understand boundaries, family dynamics, codependency, and life passages. I have mastered techniques to treat issues such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

As an Empowerment and Life Coach, I can help you realize your dreams, discover your passion, and unleash your potential and guide you to living an authentic life. I can coach you through life transitions including finding your place in the work world after college graduation, coping with and rising above workforce layoffs, beginning or reviving a marriage, handling and growing beyond a divorce, becoming a new parent, adjusting to an empty nest, and reinventing yourself after retirement.

As a Business & Executive consultant, I can help you find and maintain a healthy work / life balance so your personal relationships are as vibrant as your success in your career. As a Certified Kolbe Consultant, I have access to many tools, including the Kolbe A Index which identifies your natural, core talents, and shows me your 'hardwiring' and also how you are when you’re in action on the job. For the business owner, I can jumpstart your work relationships with team building and communication workshops, saving you the time and money that are impacting your bottom line.