Relationship Counseling

The art of love and how to have a successful, healthy relationship.
relationship counseling

We are all looking for love.  We all want a vibrant, fulfilling, and rich relationship.  Yet no one really knows how to get it, how to keep it, and how to grow it for life.  We don’t study the art of relationships and we don’t go to school for it.  We just wing it, and either copy what we grew up seeing or doing the exact opposite. 

Relationship counseling is a necessary and critical experience to being successful in the art of love and guides you through the baggage that you dump on your partner.  Relationship counseling teaches you how to take responsibility and how to be a healthy partner.

Single clients tell me that they are tired of getting their hearts broken time after time, leaving them afraid and apprehensive to ever get involved again.  They want to know what happened and why, and how to prevent the heartbreaks from happening. 

Married couples fall out of love with each other and don’t know how to get the loving feeling back again. Some married people want to get divorced and be with another partner, and find it difficult or impossible to feel good about staying or leaving. Some remarry and are surprised to discover that the same old problems have surfaced again.  

Relationship and marriage counseling discovers the interpersonal dynamics that break each other down or build each other up.

Answer yes to any of these questions and relationship therapy is for you!

  • Single folks, are you tired of looking for love only to get your heart broken again? 

  • Premarital couples, have you done your homework on what it takes to be healthy in a relationship?  Have you had the tough conversations about sex and money?

  • Have you just had a baby and find there is no time for yourself or your husband, no passion, no sex, no power? 

  • Have you been married for 7+ years, love your spouse but are not in love anymore? 

  • Are you thinking divorce is the answer because you don’t know how to make your marriage better? 

  • Are you hanging in there until the kids go to college, and then planning on divorcing?

  • Are you divorced and entering into another relationship and not wanting to make the same mistakes again? 

  • Empty nesters, are you looking at each other and not knowing where to start to get your ‘couple’ back on?

In our relationship therapy sessions, I will help you get to the root of the patterns that keep arising and give you the techniques to work through them.  Through this process, you will become more emotionally healthy and, as a result, both you and your relationship can thrive like never before. 

CONTACT ME to schedule your first session and begin your journey to a loving and fulfilling relationship.