Relationship Counseling Services

Relationship counseling is critical to the art of love.
relationship counseling services

Relationship Counseling can help you whether you are single and looking to create a new and fulfilling relationship, married and hoping to work out the problems that keep showing up, or an executive wanting to enhance the workplace relationships that are crucial to a company’s vitality.  I can work with you either in my office or via Skype to get down to the root of existing relationship issues, and give you the techniques that will help you build healthy and nurturing relationships as well as enhance general emotional health.  Below are descriptions of the types of Relationship Counseling Services I offer.

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Types of Relationship Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Healthy marriages take work and open, honest communication.  Babies and childrearing, job crises and retirement; these are all life transitions that can put strain on a marriage.   Marriages may fizzle over time and need a boost to bring back the romantic love of the past.  Sometimes spouses want to divorce, maybe even remarry, but don’t feel good about the decision.  Even after remarriage, a spouse may find that the same exact issues exist in their new relationship as in their former one.

As your marriage counselor, I can help you get through the rough spots and discover the interpersonal dynamics that can either nurture or cause pain to one another.

Some of the many benefits of marriage counseling include:

  • Getting back to romance after having a baby.  

  • Renewing love and passion.

  • Enhancing communication.  

  • Restoring your "couple" after the kids leave home.

  • Working through divorce. 


Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Simple answer: yes, marriage counseling does work.  It can be the key to putting your marriage back together and creating a healthier new partnership, or it can help you both let go of a relationship that is no longer serving either of you.  The biggest mistake most marriages make is that they don’t get into therapy soon enough.  As soon as you reach an impasse, a stumbling block – get help!

With marriage counseling, you can:

  • Let go of the resentment that is cancer to a marriage.

  • Stop setting your partner up to fail.

  • Learn to straight talk and play fair.

  • Stop being a martyr and stuffing your feelings.

  • Resolve unmet expectations.

  • Learn “I” messages and take responsibility for your part.


Pre Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling does not need to wait until after the ceremony.  We all bring issues from our past with us into relationships, and how you saw Mom and Dad interact will surface in your relationship, whether consciously or subconsciously. Working with a therapist before you get married will help both of you release these issues and enter your new life together in a clearer and healthier way for a sustainable and enjoyable life long relationship.

Benefits from Premarital Counseling include:

  • Open and honest communication about the hard conversations, including sex and money.

  • Learn each other’s expectations for your life together.

  • Be healthy and whole in yourself, making your marriage healthy and whole.

  • Consciously choose the role model you want instead of unconsciously defaulting to what and how you saw your parents treat one another.

  • Hang onto yourself while learning the art of coupling.


Couples Counseling

What does it mean to couple?  Generations ago, a man met a woman and they became ONE.  Today, two independent people meet, they may or may not marry, but they often don’t know how to ‘couple’.  Many couples compete for power and being right, but where there is a winner there is a loser and happiness is sacrificed for the sake of being “right”.  A couples counselor will help you find and maintain the equal power and equal respect that makes a strong couple, and to find the dynamics that make you great together. 

Benefits of Couples Counseling:

  • Keep your power as part of a couple or as a parent

  • Increase cooperation instead of competition

  • Learn the art of “win/win”



Singles Counseling

Relationship counseling is not only for couples, but can be the key to becoming healthy in order to be part of a future couple.  I have clients come to me that have experienced heartbreak after heartbreak and feel scared and hesitant to start anything out of fear it will only cause them the same pain.  I will work with you to find out why the same issues keep arising regardless of the partner, and how to keep them from coming up again so you can move forward to a healthy and happy new relationship.

Ask yourself these questions to see if relationship counseling for singles is right for you:

  • Do you find the same problems arise in relationship after relationship?

  • Are you hoping to start out a new love fresh, without carrying over issues from the past?

  • Do you find yourself modeling negative aspects of your parent’s relationship?


Workplace Relationships

Relationships on the job can benefit immensely from workplace coaching.  Are you dealing with lost productivity from water cooler gossip? Even HR isn’t trained to deal with interpersonal dramas that get brought into the workplace. Are your talents underutilized at work?  Are you receiving petty complaints because workers are not getting along or because they have completely different ways of tackling projects?  Workplace coaching can get you and your business over these hurdles to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Benefits from coaching workplace relationships include:

  • Finding the right person for the right task

  • Increased communication within and between teams

  • Enhanced acceptance and tolerance

  • Higher levels of respect throughout the company

  • Maximized bottom lines

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